What it’s like

Because when you favourite thing
In the whole world
Is losing control
And then you do
The one time
And someone takes advantage
And takes your soul away
You’ll never be free

The second moment

I wish I could live
in the moment he 
taught me
how to ride a bike 
with hyacinth air
and sunshine


Please do not leave
Any items unattended
They may be removed
Without notice

Velveteen rabbit

initially your pup
lapping up joy
taking it all with no judgment
loyal and devoted
but later 
seeing right through 
the mind games trained me
into a bitch, you said 
I grew 
into a doberman

you’re right, after all
I left you

I wanted to say thank you

The lanterns didn’t go up
The very first time
They faltered
And sometimes
I close my eyes on the underground
At 23:54
And I remember how
You sat down
When no one else even noticed
That evening
Like a firefly


I have written about many things
but I have not written about that night
a friend had to pick me up
fallen, from the ground
a phone-call was what it took
to bring me back

Title (optional)

I wondered what it would be like
To be that woman, led
Across the street
Perfectly held by his hand
Her seamless gilded hair
Tucked under upturned collar
Tucked under control
Brown leather brogues
A navy lamb

The first moment

If I could pick
one moment in time
to live eternity
I’d pick that moment
aubergine mattress
loft champagne
being the moon
I didn’t think you would ever end


there will be times
when you will ask yourself
why you didn’t spend
a little more time
investigating the things
that were about to be



it weighs
ribcages down
in pain
like stones,
in silence

bar raised

every sinew in your body
driven with purpose
your base
kept me enclosed
like a gift wrapped midnight
a reverse cinderella
the next



The turnstiles
Exclaiming wow
And the bench you would wait on
Holding your guitar
Now walking past
The curry house
Feels like pushing through


Right now
Someone you loved
Is falling
In love
With someone else

Right now

6am Hendon Central

Locked out
Leaving out the food bowls
On the balcony
For the longest time
I wandered

Days like today

Some busy days
I still feel your fingers
Intertwined between mine
And I wonder what you did
On this fourth of July