Go aAAAAaAaMyyyyyy go aAaaaaaamyyyyyy #lol #partay #kohphangan


Spiderweb smoke
Reflected shadows
Thoughts of you
Still follow me around
Like a stray dog


and that’s what happens
when you’re drifting
the distance between the bridges
the momentum draws
the lost
into your arms


a stick of biltong
sinews revealed
dried like a splinter
from my mind


I’ll build you
out of previous conquests
define you
a process of elimination
for my pleasure
not in a cruel or unkind way
but with precision

closed loop

lying close
a circuit board
staying safe inside
your current

Time 3

I wonder
when every man
will cease to be
the not you


There are many things
I want to tell you
Things I never got to tell you
Because you wouldn’t listen
You didn’t want to

I have love for you
But your starved heart
Won’t understand
The love is an ocean
Not to drown your mind
I hope you find

Your happiness
I hope in the dark
The spiders never crawl out
I hope that you will grow
the cobwebs away

I know what I saw
For once
Admit I’m right
Shine on
You crazy diamond

What it’s like

Because when you favourite thing
In the whole world
Is losing control
And then you do
The one time
And someone takes advantage
And takes your soul away
You’ll never be free

The second moment

I wish I could live
in the moment he 
taught me
how to ride a bike 
with hyacinth air
and sunshine


Please do not leave
Any items unattended
They may be removed
Without notice

Velveteen rabbit

initially your pup
lapping up joy
taking it all with no judgment
loyal and devoted
but later 
seeing right through 
the mind games trained me
into a bitch, you said 
I grew 
into a doberman

you’re right, after all
I left you

I wanted to say thank you

The lanterns didn’t go up
The very first time
They faltered
And sometimes
I close my eyes on the underground
At 23:54
And I remember how
You sat down
When no one else even noticed
That evening
Like a firefly


I have written about many things
but I have not written about that night
he picked me up
fallen, from the ground

Title (optional)

I wondered what it would be like
To be that woman, led
Across the street
Perfectly held by his hand
Her seamless gilded hair
Tucked under upturned collar
Tucked under control
Brown leather brogues
A navy lamb